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Sunday, February 18, 2007

"What governments should really fear is a communications expert."

I thought I'd give a brief highlight to the person who introduced me (and many others) to the ideas of anti-German communists, an oppositional current that emerged in the early 1990s around the Gulf war and has provided a powerful counter-weight to a left incapable of breaking with the macromass of the nation. In this sense, they continue the important work of Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Theodor Adorno, Klaus Theweleit and other intellectuals who confronted in the course of their struggle the universal demobilizing force of the nation-state and the particular counter-revolutionary character of the German nation.

CF argues with a persuasive and researched polemic which does not surrender to easy anti-imperialist logic or for that matter "history's end". His 'regular' writings can be read in the magazine datacide (issue 9 being the latest, and recommended). His position on Iraq in hindsight did not take into account the brutality of the American occupation (which works directly against the working class) nor foresee the Islamist/Ba'athist insurgence, but still has some interesting insights.

Jörg Haider on Al Jazeera

Why I won't be at the Peace March

The war has begun
"see here i disagree, I think neo-nazis are revolutionaries but in a totally different way than communists (should be), they want to revolutionise society into something much worse than it already is, the same is the case with the islamists they sympathise so much with.
I plead for a revolutionary movement that is entirely un-compatible with the nazi concepts, i'm not interested in a nazi-compatible left."

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