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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beer and communism is the way of the phuture

Readers of the asayake blog, thanks for your support over the years. My comrade Jesse Blue and I have decided to start a group blog at Beer and Communism with the somewhat obnoxious theme of inebriants and communist critique (plus a heavy critique of anti-imperialism). Expect discussions of class struggle, Israel, Palestine, Europe, the Middle East, Japan and more. Please have a look, bookmark the page, add it to your links, send it to your friends etc. etc. And be in touch! Hasta la victoria siempre...

Good luck with the new web log!

Will Asayake remain active? Or is it now an archive?
I liked this blog. It was outside the box.

Yes it will mostly serve as an archive. Getting the new blog going will take a month or two, but it should be worth it. Please check it out and spread the word!


Thanks as always for reading. Hope you are well.
I like yer blog but dislike beer
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